The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

First appointment since the Great Escape

Hi All,

I have been home since last Thursday now and it has been wonderful.  I had a lovely Christmas, with a huge thank you to Dave for cooking almost the entire Christmas dinner single handedly, and the boxing day meal for Pete and Katie too. 

The bedroom decoration is beautiful and a testament to the amount of work put in by the team of builders and decorators who worked so hard to get it done in time for my return.  I've still got my bit to do in terms of returning things to cupboards, but I can only seem to manage one box a day.

I went back to the hospital today to check nothing has gone haywire since I've been fending for myself and I'm pleased to report that everything is OK and the consultant is very happy with my progress. Next appointment is next Tuesday, when the world returns to work so the drive will be a little less easy I suspect.  I am feeling great, with the only giveaway about my situation being a chronic lack of energy (and a chronic lack of hair of course). I managed to walk to the end of the road and back yesterday, and look forward to more such ambulations.

Love to Michelle and Chris who have both gone down with flu in turn. I hope you are both feeling better soon.

Enjoy your New Year celebrations everyone, we're in for a very quiet one ourselves.


  1. Hi Cathy
    Great to read another blog from you. So glad all is going well and you received a good report today. At least the weather is a little milder for your ambulations. Congratulations to Dave for cooking the Christmas dinner. Am most impressed. I would be lucky to get cheese sandwiches if it was left to my husband!
    Our house is very quiet now as the 2 boys have gone back to Geneva and The Hague. It was lovely to have them home for a week.
    Norman and I are off on holiday next Wednesday and will not likely have access to e-mail so it will be the end of January before I catch up with you again. You could be walking to the shops then and even have a full head of hair! I wish you all the very best Cathy and hope that 2011 is a really good one for you. You deserve it.
    God Bless
    Love Joan

  2. Thank you for all of your comments Joan, it's been lovely to have your regular updates. Have a great holiday, very well deserved I'm sure!

    I may be walking to the shops by the end of January (when they are quiet) but I think the hair will take a little longer!

    Happy New Year!