The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Good news!

Well I finally heard the words I've been waiting to hear today.  I've been given my release papers for Thursday, after my time on the nebuliser!  This is still dependant on everything holding up so I won't totally believe it until I walk through my front door, but it is looking very likely indeed.  As you can imagine, I'm over the moon.

I had the promised liver scan and that came out clear.  As there were problems with enough porters, and I didn't fancy another long wait in a corridor, I was allowed to take myself down for the scan and back again.  It was like being let out to play!  Boy, it did show me how little energy I have.  I was even looking for something to sit on in the lift!  It's going to be a long road back to full strength I can tell, which is tough for a gym bunny like me.

My job for tomorrow is to sort out everything in my room.  I seem to have twice as much as I did when I arrived!  Fortunately I will be using a cab to get home so there should be room for everything, as long as I have help getting it down stairs.

I'm particularly excited to get home (apart from for all the obvious reasons), because, due to no small amount of work on Dave and the builders' behalf, the ongoing works on our bedroom should be more or less finished.  The last time I saw it it was close to a building site.

Hi to Clive, a Woodentops friend, who popped in to see me today.

Anyway, off to bed soon and hopefully a good night's sleep.

Best wishes.


  1. Dear Cathy
    That is wonderful news to hear that you can make the Great Escape on Thursday. You must be so excited especially as you appear to be having a new bedroom. Hope it is exactly as you wish it to be! You have done so well and it will be a great Christmas for you to be in your own home. Just think you can sit down all the time and just give out the orders for the Christmas lunch. What a lovely thought. Enjoy your last day in the UCH. Will you still be doing a blog? I shall miss it if you stop. I read it before I bed down for the night. Thanks for taking the time to do a blog. I have been telling lots of folk about it! Have a good night and I hope your excitement doesn't keep you awake! Love Joan

  2. Great!

    The Great Escape will happen. I can hear the Mission Impossible music already....

    Your friends at the hospital will be sad.... You're leaving....

    Still, good luck!