The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Thursday, 23 December 2010

I'm going home for Christmas (isn't that a song?)

A very early blog today before I pack away the computer, or, more importantly, before they change their minds!  Because, once it's in the blog, that's it cast in stone isn't it?!

Yes the day has finally arrived.  So, after:

36 nights;
2 chest Xrays;
1 echo cardiogram;
1 CT scan;
1 liver scan;
3 full blood cultures;
innumerable blood tests;
1 bag of platelets;
4 bags of red blood cells;
countless IV drips;
enough pills to sink a ship;
and, most importantly, a bag of some kind stranger's bone marrow extract

..I am finally on my way home!

I can't thank the staff here enough for the quality of care I have received, they truly are angels!

Thank you all for reading my blog.  I'll continue with occasional updates, probably based around my appointments, so you can see how the next phase is going.  My next appointment is Wednesday 29th December so look in then to see how I've fared without the constant monitoring and care of the staff here.

In the meantime, have a brilliant Christmas everyone!


  1. Good luck Cathy and a very Happy Christmas.
    Thank you for all your blogs.
    Love Joan

  2. It is great that you will be home for Christmas. Have a truly wonderful time.
    Love Jackie B

  3. Hello Cathy,
    may I wish you all the best luck with your fight against the monster.
    Best regards,
    Peter P.
    P.S. A tin of grey paint for your carved elephant(-s) is still at your disposal!