The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cautiously optimistic

Well I have a few more neutrophils today which is good news but I'm trying not to get too excited until there is a clear upward trend.

The family all came to see me today, slighlty staggered timing as they fitted around the other demands on their time. And the hats have arrived too and not a moment too soon.   I have still got a residual amount of fluff on my head so haven't tried them on yet as I don't want them to be full of hair!  I didn't get around to shavng the vestiges but will do so tomorrow.  It is quite difficult looking in the mirror and not recognising myself.

I've been sent some lovely presents for my birthday.  Thank you so much all of you, you know who you are!

Good luck tomorrow for everyone involved in the St John's nativity play, it sounds very interesting and I am disappointed to be missing it.  I'll be given chapter and verse by Dave when I see him.

I did have some bad news today.  The milkshake machine in the McDonalds at Warren Street is broken!!  It obviously couldn't cope with the extra demands I put on it.  I hope it is sorted soon, I need my daily fix.

Off to bed now, to the usual seranade of sirens which is a continual background to being here.  I won't be able to sleep once I get home as it will be too quiet!

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  1. Yeay!!!! Three cheers to the rising numbers!!!!! Hope you are starting to feel a little better,too, in yourself.Once your temp down, you'll be flyin:)))))
    Thanks for your lovely email,too.It was so lovely spending some time with your girls.They are just great!Hope to see you soon,too.
    Will continue to pray.
    Good night:) Sleep well.Catch up tomorrow:) Lots of love.Eniko and Tony