The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Sunday, 5 December 2010

On the up

Great news today, I am showing the first signs of the new cells grafting.  My neutrophil count is above zero for the first time since the transplant.  I'm afraid I misled you the other day when I said this had happened, it was just my general white blood count which had gone up, which was good news but not as significant as this.  As they do not expect engraftment for at least 10 days after transplant, and often much later, this is a very good sign as I am just at the 10th day.

Also, my stomach is behaving much better which is a big relief. Now, just to sort out that tiredness.

I saw Dave and Tania today and slept for much of their visit!  I tried a Burger King milkshake as an alternative to the Mac one today as they had to come from Euston Station rather than the usual Warren Street and you can guess which fast food outlet can be found at each station.  Either does the trick and I happily drink about half a litre of liquid in a short time, which I would really struggle to do if it was water.

I have received so many supportive comments, emails and cards from so many of you.  Thank you, I cannot overstate how much I appreciate them.  I want to make a special mention of the congregation at my Church, St John's, which is particularly in my mind today being a Sunday (and the second Sunday in Advent).  Your support and prayers mean a lot to me and I believe are helping my progress.

God bless and good night.

Oops, I nearly forgot to say, good luck Corina in your clarinet exam tomorrow.  I'll be thinking about you at

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  1. Hi again

    Well, we've had a day of it today! The plan was to drop Robin at school for his 9:00 am rehearsal, then a leisurely breakfast somewhere before child-free shopping in Brighton.
    OK, so we managed to get Robin to school on time, had a choice of parking close to the shopping centre (pretty important as I can't get the car in a multi-storey cos of the roofbox), and settled into Cafe Nero for breakfast, diary planning and list writing. So far so good. Then we ambled over to the Lego shop, special promotion on today, and we managed to slip in the grit left in the drainage channel on the pavement. Not so bad for me, my wheels just skidded a little and I hit a bollard. Not so good for Adrienne as she slipped and turned her ankle, executing a very elegant stumble, and swearing a little. She managed to walk on it for the next hour or so, did her shopping in Debenhams and Lego, but by this time she could only walk leaning on the back of my chair.
    By the time we made it to the car and she had taken her shoe and sock off, she was in a huge amount of pain and and so we were off to A&E. 5 hours later Adrienne has a neat plaster on her foot, a broken calcaneum and an appointment in the fracture clinic on Tuesday! whooppee!
    Not quite the day we had planned. Fortunately A&E is about 400m from Brighton College so reclaiming Robin wasn't very complicated.
    It is great to hear that the family have been in to see you, it must be so quiet without them around all the time. Also great and that your count is on the up.
    I'm off to bed soon, early start to pick up Harry and take him and Adrienne into school. I think my next few weeks are going to be dominated by taxy driving.
    Love and best wishes