The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Monday, 6 December 2010

Continuing to improve

Another day showing things going well with my new cells.  It is very reassuring and I have heard a few mentions of the H word (home)!  Unless I get another infection or some other problems, my aim to be home by Christmas is looking pretty good, and possibly even earlier.  Presumably I'll be able to have some other visitors again in the near future too.

Dave came to see me this evening bearing my now daily Mac Milkshake.  It's strange how something I would normally avoid like the plague has become a bit of a saviour for me.  I still have an appetite but quite reduced, and not assisted I'm afraid by the hospital food!  I mentioned before about Death by Custard, which I have only suffered once so far.  In addition they have designed a new torture - Murder by Strawberry Sauce!  It doesn't matter what type of dessert it is, it always comes with a drizzle of sweet pink slime!  My requests on the menu are beginning to look like something our of When Harry Met Sally - yoghurt instead of cereal, cheese sandwich without salad, no custard, no strawberry slime etc. I am starting to dream of vegetables al dente and simple desserts.  In their defence though, they are quite good at what I call goo - lasagne, stews, pasta bakes etc.

Enough on food, it's time for me to get myself to bed.

Sending healing thoughts to my sister Adrienne who has broken her foot falling over in the icy weather.

Good night all.

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