The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Hats away!

I've now started wearing my hats and it is nice to have a warm head again.  I also look a little less scary!  I'll try to get a few pics taken soon to post.  None without hats or scarves though - I have my pride.

My counts went up again so I am allowing myself a small amount of optimism.  I don't want to become obsessed with numbers, or bore you all with them, but they are pretty important at this stage.

I have just finished having a bag of red blood cells, with another due in the morning, as the old haemoglobin has fallen too far now.  This is all normal and shows what a juggling act the whole thing is.

Dave and Corina came to see me and we sat and read the Sunday papers together.  I hear that the Nativity play was very enjoyable.  Well done all who were  involved in it.  My temperature has been a bit high all day and consequently I've been a bit lethargic, although every time I tried to take a nap a nurse or doctor seemed to appear.

You might have got the hint that I'm heading for my bed soon.

Good night and God bless

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