The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Bit of a white-out

I woke up this morning, no doubt like the rest of you, to blizzards outside my window.  It's nice to know I don't have to commute in that for a while, although a bit of a high price to pay for that privilege.

I saw the consultant today and she is impressed with how I'm doing, saying many are flat out at this stage while I'm not feeling too bad at all. The one big downer is my gut which kept me up half the night and there is very little I can do but live with it.  Poor Dave only saw me for about half the time he was here as I was in the bathroom for the rest of the time!  OK too much information.

They are all waiting for my temperature to spike which is 99% likely to happen.  The later it does happen the better though as the cells will have had longer to get on with their work.

Sorry about being a bit downbeat today, hopefully better tomorrow.

God bless and good night.

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  1. Sounds a bit grim but excellent news that temperature under control. At home yesterday as Hannah's school closed and Michael's shut early afternoon. Both schools shut today so pretending to work from home. Really difficult when Michael is permanently standing over me with the sledge champing at the bit to go outside. Personally, I hate the cold and suddenly being sat at my computer working seems quite attractive. Anyway fingers crossed that those new white cells do their job. Do let us know when you are able to have visitors again.

    Lots of love Catherine