The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I've been here a week now...

...and it feels like a lot longer.  I am now feeling the effects a little more, in particular in my energy levels which have gone right down, and I'm a bit shaky, but it's nothing too bad. My days of eating out are over for a while though, the prospect of going out in that cold is too much for me.

I have discovered a curious side effect from the treatment - my sense of smell has gone right up!  I am conscious of everything!  Weird huh?

Thank you everyone who has emailed me, sent cards or made comments on this blog - it is lovely to hear from you and I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  I apologise if I do not answer every email, it can get quite tiring, but I do like the contact with the outside world.  If you have successfully posted a comment please could you let me know how as some are struggling. Is it something to do with needing a iGoogle account or similar?

I think I'll have an early night tonight - it's my big day tomorrow so I'll let you know it goes then.


  1. Hi again

    Glad to hear the chemo is over, even though the whole thing has only just begun,
    I have only managed to post on here by using the 'Anonymous' choice on the pick list.
    If you can't see a responjd button just click on the number of replies and it should come up. Robin posted under his own name using the 'name and url' option but I couldn't get it to accept mine without entering my email address.
    I don't have any of the accounts that are available to post under so this was the only way I could do it.
    Cherrry's new baby is in the really cutye stage, small enough for me to easily hold but responsive and very ticklish!
    We went to see Harry Potter on Sunday, really enjoyed it but a very sad end!
    Thanks for the birthday card, much appreciated.
    Bed time for me, so night night, not so big sis

  2. Hi Cathy

    Catherine here. Best of luck today - hope all goes well. Don't worry about the tiredness - it does hit hard but it is temporary. Another friend started nagging me about getting married cos of tax planning!! So I need you fit and well to be my witness next year if I do decide to go ahead and tie the knot!! Take care


  3. Hi Cathy,

    I'm going to try to get the hang of this:) Really pleased to catch up with you tonight. Great to hear that you are able to hold and balance things so very well.
    We are praying for you and hope to be able to see you at some point, but not until i know I am completely bug free:)
    Unfortunately I can't report anything bright to you from the outside world as it is soooo grim and miserably cold out there that you just want to stay under the duvet....
    Maybe tomorrow will be a better day and I'll be able to report something fun :) Sleep well...lots of love...Eniko and Tony