The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Chemo over

Well I had my last dose of chemotherapy today so that's me well and truly conditioned!  Actually, the fun really has still to start as all that stuff gets to work on my system. For those of a medical bent, the chemo I have had was 5 days of Fludarabine and Campath followed by one day of Melphalan.  For those of you without, apologies for that temporary step into medi-speak.  Of course, the chemo has been supported by a barrage of steroids, anti nausea/viral/fungal/anything else drugs plus my good old Piriton.

To be honest, I spent a large part of today dozing so I haven't got lots to report.  I was visited again by Peter and Katie.  It was lovely to see them again, and Peter even brought me a cappuccino as I had been missing them.  Katie starts her own radiotherapy treatment on Thursday so I have challenged her to a race to see which one of us loses her hair first!  Healing thoughts and prayers going out to you Katie.

Dave also came to see me and brought me some lovely artificial roses in a beautiful vase (as real flowers are banned) plus a talking clock so I can tell the time at night!  Thank you Dave <3.

I have a "day off" tomorrow but that doesn't mean I get away without a drip as I start on the anti-rejection drug Cyclosporin which will take 6 hours to administer, starting very early.  Early shower for me then.


  1. Wow Ive made it work!!Its Linda from down the road by the way!!
    I battled for a while on .....what ever day it was but Bed and sleep won in the end.
    Your blog is amazing, it sounds like you take it all in youe stride, but Im sure there has been bad moments.You sound so confident and at peace about it all.
    Sure sending up the prayers.....I trained in the 1980s as a nurse at Westmister when BMTs were so new, not good memories.
    Praying for Dave and the girls too, it must be hard for them as well. Having lived with Naomi ill for a LONG time and with Neils recent diagnisis I bought a book called 'all will be well' which Ill post into your family, really easy reading and constructive with true honesty.

    Tanyas concert was good,the senior band sounded the best in yrs I thought with really good music which helps. She seemed quite up beat and seemed to enjoy it.She was proud of her cooking skills and had got herdelf organised and dressed for the ocasion all on her own, very commendable.

    Your hair looks really great short, your attitude is fantastic hope it keeps you going when the going gets tough.

    So weid to be able to communicate via a computer, it must be your life line but Ill send letters if you prefere, but I dont supose they will meet the cleaner than clean test!! I have a vague recolection of spraying newspapers and drying them so they could go inside the isolation room.

    Ive told the girls to call if they need company or food, could I email Dave?
    Its time like these when I wish I was working part time and could provide a few cakes or a cooked meal. Do you know about the kitchen shop in Petts wood which sells brilliant frozen home made meals? Its not mega cheap but its not hugly expensive if you consiodor the ingredients time and stuff....its on the cross roads on the Daylight Inn side.

    Its freezing outside,......Jonathan has just informed me this comment isnt may be I havent sussed it after all....but hey!....the lights were turned on in the high street this evening complete with fireworks!!

    My email address is, or n, and I do have a face book accout, Linda Essam. I figured if my sister and others couls see uni antics I didnt want to be excluded!!

    Ive the ironing to tackle and an assignment that needs reading and referencing....and another to write, hope they pass...all so I can go onto do my Public Nurse Degree and get a decent sallary as my nursing and midwiferey training dont count!!

    There is no spell check on this so I expect I made you laugh, not my strong point.

    So glad youve had some special time with special people, keep up the good work and go out again soon!!

    Love and blessingd to you and Dave and the girls, Linda and coxxx

    Ohh dear.....a profile???? Hope you get my ramblings!!xx

  2. Hello Cathy,

    Christine here - with an update from the outside world. We have just returned from Bournemouth and I feel lucky to have reached home safe and sound. There is snow everywhere and lots more due to come I'm afraid.

    The reason for going to Bournemouth is we are branching out into the bridge weekends away business (well, one bridge weekend away at this stage). We received an invitation to stay at a hotel in Bournemouth which is particularly suitable for bridge parties due to the very nice card room. Unfortunately, the trip advisor reviews were not flattering so we took a trip to be beside the seaside in this diabolical weather in order to stay and 'suss' out the hotel in question.

    I feel we have just returned from a holiday camp. There was a rock and roll party going on (with authentic 50's costumes), a quiz/ singalong, kids running around, in fact all the ingredients one can imagine would make a bridge weekend a success! This is not proving to be an easy thing to organise.

    I hope your treatment continues to go well and that you will be home with the family for Christmas. Your blog is a really good way to keep people informed; the computer is a wonderful thing.

    I must close, I have the washing to do and dinner to cook. No meals on wheels here I'm afraid. Make sure you enjoy your time away from domestic chores so that you when you return it will be with renewed enthusiasm for peeling spuds and ironing.

    Love Christine, Stewart, Heather and Andrew