The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Wow, things have really started now

Day 1 of my "conditioning" (goodnesss knows what condition I will be in by the end of this phase!) which is killing off my immune system with chemo. Farewell old friend, you have served me well (OK except for the CML traitor in the ranks).  Anyone who has worked with me knows that I rarely catch anything and now I'm having to say goodbye to that.

It's been bumpier than I anticipated as I reacted to one of the drugs and ended up with a temperature of 40C and symptoms like a major flu, but the Wizards here have sorted that out and I feel nearly my old self again.  I had to cancel the dinner date though (sob).

I gather the first day of conditioning is the worst so hopefuly the next few days will be easier.

Love to Peter and Katie who came to see me and are now at the restaurant, and of course Dave who is being my rock and the girls!


  1. :( I wondered why daddy was saying "I'm going back up to see her" as though he'd left you. I hope you feel better now!
    How are you feeling? I'll stick Skype on as soon as I get home - it doesn't seem to like my webcam much though!

  2. Hi Cathy

    Godd to hear you are doing OK and great to have this way to keep in touch.
    You have an advantage over one of my friends in the HMS group (another TLA for you). She is due to have a shoulder op next week and she has not had her hair cut since she was 9. She knows how difficult it would be to keep her hair tidy while recovering from the op, so she is having her head shaved for charity this weekend. Somehow she has talked her mum into having it done as well.
    Nice photo of you and the he family!
    Hope this second day of treatment has gone ok nad that you have not reacted too much.

  3. Hi Rosie,
    Wow, your friend is braver than me, I'm only going for the shaver when it's already falling out. It is quite liberating though!
    Speak soon
    Love Cathy