The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Busy Saturday

It's been a good day today.  I've had visits from friends Christine and Heather, who then went off to a show matinee, and Dave and Corina.  The hospital dinner was really quite good.  And, Tania, I've so far managed to avoid "death by custard", the hospital habit of destroying any flavour in a dessert by drowning it in vast quantities of bright orange custard!  It will happen on the day I forget to write NO CUSTARD clearly on the menu - it's only a matter of time.

I'm now tolerating the drugs with few side effects so could be given them at the maximum dosage rate.  All drips over by 3.30pm.  Which meant that I had the chance to go out for a stroll of a few furniture shops in Tottenham Court Road with Dave.  The rash comes and goes but not as bad as at first.  It doesn't really itch fortunately, just not pretty!  I have developed a new respect for antihistamine.

I'm now in for a quiet evening of telly, knitting and reading. Still keeping the boredom at bay so far.....

Can you believe it?  I just did a spell check on this and it suggested Duodenum to replace Tottenham!


  1. Love the suggestion of Duodenum, does your spellchecker know it's in hospital? spooky!
    Hopefully you are fast asleep by now and won't be reading this until the morning. I am just off to bed but thought I would check to see how you are doing. We are all off to see Harry Potter tomorrow, sounds as if this one will be a little closer to the book.
    Don't think I can attach photos on here, so I will email you a rather cute photo of Robin with Cherry's new baby, Logan. I am not sure whether I should be happy that he knows which way up to hold the baby, or worried that he looks a little too comfortable!
    Time I turned in, I can hear Leon snoring his head off upstairs.
    Night night big sis

  2. Good luck, Cathy. Hope you get better!

  3. Oi! less of the big please! Although I am still putting on weight! I hope Harry P is good, Corina went to see it yesterday but I've not had her report yet.

    I think you can post pictures if you are signed on as a follower. If not, email them to me at my email address.

    Love C