The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Long time no see

Sorry I'm rather late in updating my blog.  I had a very long hospital day on Monday (home after 7.30pm) and yesterday, having done a couple of hours of gardening, spent the rest of the day in an exhausted blur (or asleep)!

My regular appointment on Monday went well, with all my blood counts looking good (they almost look normal!) and, as the rash has been behaving itself, I have had my Cyclosporin dose reduced a little.  I felt a bit guilty chatting to a fellow patient who had his transplant two weeks before mine who is still struggling with neutropenia (very low white cell count) and having to get his wife to inject him with a stimulant to get the cells to grow.  He has a different form of leukaemia (CLL) which may account in part for the difference.

After my regular appointment I had to go to Marylebone High Street for another appointment ("girl stuff" - 'nuff said).  As there was a big gap between appointments I had a good wander around the very posh shops in Marylebone High Street.  Lovely but does anyone really pay £115 for an umbrella?  That appointment went well too and  I have to return in a couple of weeks for a bone scan, meaning another long Monday of appointments.

This afternoon I have a treat I have been looking forward to.  Ladies with cancer are invited to sessions called Look Good, Feel Better, which are sponsored by the cosmetics industry and are about regaining your confidence in your appearance (loss of hair etc doesn't do much for it I can tell you).  See, it's not all bad!  I'll tell you more in my next blog.  I even get a car to take me and bring me back, all part of the package I'm told.  I hope it's the stretch Audi that took me home on Monday again.  I am not really at a holiday camp - honest!

Thanks for the comments about the purple wig, but I don't think it will be appearing too regularly!

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  1. Just posted a message on the 'funky hairstyle' entry and put tomorrow's date when mentioning the above message. Senior moment??