The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

It had to happen

I finally caught a cold, or some other virus as I do not have all the normal cold symptoms.  At least I waited until after the critical first 100 days!  Fortunately it is not very bad and I mainly feel just a little under the weather and have a sore mouth from ulcers.

I had my fortnightly appointment yesterday and went along with an overnight bag in case they kept me in, but they were not unduly worried and let me go!  I met my new consultant, Rachael, which means that I have now met the whole team.  There are four of them who rotate on a 2 monthly basis and they are Karl, Kirsty (who looked after me while I was in hospital), Emma and now Rachael.  Also I have a new transplant coordinator, Sarah, who was one of the senior nurses who looked after me while I was in, as Heidi has just gone on maternity leave.  I wish Heidi luck and plenty of rest!

I also had my monthly session on the nebuliser yesterday which was a bit boring as my Kindle's battery had died so, having written a couple of texts, the only entertainment was staring at the wall for half an hour!

Anyway, that's my appointments over now for another fortnight.

And finally, after a very long wait, I have finally summoned the courage to post a photo of me in my Kick Ass purple wig that the girls gave me for my birthday in December.  Only nice comments please.


  1. Cathy,

    You look lovely in it and you look really well considering what you have been through.

    I hope to see you next wednesday but if it is not ok just let me know by email ok.


    Katrina xxxx

  2. Loving the wig. Hopefully we will get round to visiting soon. Nicky x

  3. Lesson to be learned? Always charge batteries and I dare you to go out in that wig for Red Nose Day - no-one will notice!

    Love Lynn and Dale

  4. Best hair style I've seen you in ....ever.
    Tina XXX

  5. Funky hairstyle - and then some. Like it - like it!!

    I expect to see it at Woodentops.

    Just caught up with 31st March report. Look like a tiring but satisfactory round of appointments.