The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Monday, 24 January 2011

Another appointment day over

Today was a straightforward appointment day.  The normal procedure is that a car arrives to take me to the hospital and we sit in traffic jams for an hour or so.  On arrival I give blood and am given a copy of the immediately available results to take in when I see the consultant, Emma.  I then sit around for a while reading the paper,especially if it is very busy like today.  When I see her I tell her how I think things are going and list any new or ongoing symptoms since last week.  She then adjusts my treatment if required.  If the blood results which come in later indicate any other changes are required, I'll be phoned by Heidi, the transplant coordinator with further instructions.  This happened last week when I was asked to reduce my Cyclosporin slightly.  Then I order a car to get me home again.

Rather annoyingly, I was due to stop the steroids I have been taking to control the GVHD rash today but woke up to a new rash on my shins so I'm on them for another week.  Fortunately it is a very low dose.

That's it really.  My blog is in danger of get rather boring but I suppose I should look on that as a good thing.  I was chatting to a patient who has just passed his 100 days since transplant and realise that it goes on like this for some time yet.

Anyway, it's enough to tire me out so I'll sign off now.  Next appointment next Monday as usual.


  1. Hi Cathy
    Im not sure how I managed to miss the details of your blog on the St Johns pew sheets, but only noticed it for the first time this Sunday! I've just spent some time catching up on your treatment and progress, and it makes for interesting reading . I'm so glad that you made it home for Christmas and had the gift of a smart new bedroom ! Looking forward to seeing you at St Johns again, and those hats ( and purple wig ? ) - you'll give Tina's daughter a run for her money !! Keep doing whatever you have to do - and make steady and positive progress in your healing.


  2. Hope tomorrow goes ok for your treatment again and hope to see you on wednesday about 1.30pm - if this is not ok with you let me know by email alright.

  3. Hope yesterday went ok as days in hospitals go and i wont be coming to see you as i have got a cold and i dont want to bring the germs to you. I will see you soon.


    Katrina xx