The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Monday, 17 January 2011

A long day

I had a day full of hospital appointments today, starting with a heart echo at 11am, an appointment with the consultant at 2pm and a session on the pentamadine nebuliser at 3pm.  Finally got home at 6pm.  All seems to be going well with another minor tweak of my anti GVHD steroids (downwards which is good).  Now I'm pretty tired. 

I've also spent a lot of time being driven around today, as the echo was in a different location to the other appointments, and had a variety of drivers to match.  I was taken in by a Lithuanian driver with very strong opinions on lots of things (mobile phones, GPs and benefit cheats were among those in his firing line!).  I just grunted at the appropriate times after a while.  He's a firm believer in the medicinal qualities of a good Cognac, though, so it's not all negative!  Then there was the retired fireman who only needs 3 hours sleep a night and has achieved more by the time I wake up than I do in an entire day!  It takes all sorts.

I am experiencing some interesting side effects from my current list of drugs, in particular a constant taste of salt on my lips, as if I've just eaten something salty.  I don't know what is causing it but hopefully it will go away when I stop the steroids. The other is a well known side effect of Cyclosporine which is to grow excess downy hair on my face.  I'm beginning to feel a bit like a teddy bear!  Fortunately it stops as soon as you stop taking Cyclosporine so it won't be here for ever.

That's all for now, next appointment next Monday so do look in for an update.

God bless all.


  1. So pleased to hear that it is all going so well. Intersting concept, no hair on head but hair on face. Ian's hair is starting to grow again - think it is a case of waiting for the drugs to work their way out of the body. I am counting the days to my exit on 31 March. Still very excited about the prospect of being a lady that lunches (albeit for a couple of months). Hopefully by the beginning of May when I will have the kids back at school, you will be well enough to meet up without fear of picking up any bugs. Keeping everything crossed that the recovery continues to go well. Catherine

  2. I am glad that things are going to plan and that hopefully you will be on the reoad to recovery and that you will be able to enjoy the rest of your life.


    Katrina xxxxx

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  4. Happy New Year! Now that we finally have internet after the move we can follow your blogs. Glad to see things are still going well. Hope we see you again this year
    Lots of love Lynn and Dale xxx

  5. Hope your appointment today goes well, it's been fascinating reading all your updates and is so great for me to be able to see what goes on post-transplant!
    I'm glad everything seems to be going really well for you at the moment, despite the strange side-effects, and that you continue steadily on the road to recovery.
    You're definately on my mind when i'm sat here in the office at Anthony Nolan :)

    Lizzie xx

  6. Hi Cathy

    Sorry I cant make today as something has come up so can we make it next week same time and day.