The Thomas family

The Thomas family
From left to right, Tania, Dave, me and Corina

Saturday, 23 July 2011


Well it is 2 years to the day since I was diagnosed with CML and what a lot has happened since then.  I've taken two different drugs for the leukaemia over a period of several months each, both of which gave limited results, followed by the work up and process of a reduced intensity bone marrow transplant. Treating this illness has involved a total of 51 days in hospital plus numerous out patient visits and an unmentionable amount of time off work.

However, I am now past (nearly) all that and well on the way to being cured! I wouldn't have imagined that two years ago.

I had an appointment at the hospital last Monday and my blood counts are doing fine. They took extra blood for another test of the level of leukaemic cells, as the last sample as slightly poor although the result they did get was very reassuring.  In addition I am coming off one of my 3 remaining drugs, an antiviral, as soon as the packet is finished. This will leave me on penicillin which I will be on for 5 years, and Sprycel, one of the leukaemia drugs I was on previously.  I managed to crack the consultant's shell enough to get confirmation that I am doing very well and have been very lucky!

The downside of coming off the antiviral is that I have a 40% chance of going down with shingles.  Let's hope I'm in the 60% who don't.

I have discussed returning to work with our occupational health adviser and we have agreed that the beginning of September looks likely, once the danger of shingles has passed.  That will be quite a challenge!

Michelle is still in hospital after her second series of chemo and is definitely suffering a bit of cabin fever - hardly surprising since she has only had 2 days at home in the last 3 months and has been largely confined to one room.  Her counts are just showing signs of recovery so a brief time out may be on the horizon before she returns for a transplant.  We are hoping that they will be high enough for us to go to the hospital cafe when I visit on Monday for a dose of normality.  She is still looking and, most of the time, feeling fine and maintaining her strength and fitness as far as the situation allows.

I've now been signed off for another 6 weeks so will not have much to report, although I will give an update when I hear the results of the latest blood test.

In the meantime take care and enjoy the summer.

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  1. That is terrific news! Will you go back to work full or part time. It will be quite a shock to your system and quite stressful initially, I think. Hope your summer is better than ours - we have caught up on all the rain we missed in Spring!
    Lots of love Lynn and Dale